War Tribe Fundamentals Gi

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The War Tribe Fundamentals Gi is a carefully designed and meticulously put together BJJ Gi. War Tribe goes the extra mile and thinks through every small detail of the Gi features; the weave, the weight, durability, the feel of the Gi, competition standards and of course the style. With a commitment to the 100% quality with every Gi they make you can be guaranteed to get an awesome Gi by choosing War Tribe. This Gi is good for everyday training and also meets IBJJF standards of competition for if you also like to compete.

Recreate. Rethink. Reinvent and Redefine. Be original and be limitless. These are the values that drive the creative process of War Tribe.



  • Clean and strong design
  • Simple embroidery allows for personalisation 
  • 350 GSM pearl weave premium 100% cotton fabric
  • Ripstop pants, double reinforced stitching
  • Direct embroidery on shoulder and pants leg
  • Light weight and extremely durable Gi


Wartribe gear BJJ gi sizechart for men