Inverted Gear Panda Gi 3.0

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Are you already in love with the Inverted Gear Gi designs? Then you will definitely like the Inverted Gear Panda 3.0 BJJ Gi! Inverted Gear is a Gi Brand that stands out from other BJJ brands because of its simple yet playful design. This is the third generation of the lightweight Panda kimono and it’s only getting better with the years. The Gi comes in a FREE custom Gi bag! This Gi is a must have for the berimbolo-ing, inverting players among us, invert together with the panda on your Gi!


  • 550 gram Pearl Weave jacket.
  • Custom ribbon jacket edge and sleeve loop.
  • Reinforced slits, armpits and cuffs.
  • Covered seams.
  • Clean design – space for customizing 


  • 12oz Rip stop pants
  • Pearl weave gusset.
  • Reinforced ankle cuffs, with a custom ribbon on the inside.
  • Elastic rope with 6 loop system and fat loops.
  • Mouth piece/ID pocket in pants.


Inverted Gear BJJ gi sizechart