Ground Game Sweat and Tears Rashguard

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Ground Game has really done it! A Game Of Thrones themed  range of compression clothing! The design of this “Sweat and Tears” rashguard  is inspired by House Talgaryen, a former Great house of  Westeros. They ruled for three centuries over Westeros, after which House Baratheon takes over after Robert (Baratheon's) rebellion. They are said to be descendants of dragons...

Their original words are Fire and Blood and their sigil is a three headed dragon. Ground Game Gives these words a BJJ themed makeover to “Sweat and tears”; feel allmighty in this dangerous looking rashguard.

  • Thick, very durable and top quality spandex material
  • Specially designed to feel like second skin
  • Keeps you warm and dry during training
  • Fully sublimated printings: will be looking good forever
  • Excellent design