About BJJ Fightgear

Who are we

BJJ Fight Gear is a webshop specialized in BJJ, grappling products. We try to maintain a great choice by offering a large assortment of products. We are constantly traveling the world, training BJJ, testing new gear and looking out for new products to add.

We started the webshop when we found out that most of the other shops selling BJJ/ Grappling gear are small and unprofessional. We strive to deliver the best products as well as running the most user friendly and innovative webshop that you can imagine. Currently we are expanding fast hence why we now have a dedicated site for our UK customers. We now have UK based offices and warehousing to deliver products and offer the service that our customers have come to expect.

Company information

BJJ Fight Gear UK is a brand of the UK company Nomad HQ ltd, company number: 11509685. Visit us during office hours at Sloswicks Farm, Broad Lane, Worksop, S80 3NJ

Email us at hello@bjjfightgear.co.uk