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BJJ Fightgear was brought into existence to offer the largest assortment of BJJ Gis to Jiu Jitsu enthusiasts. Our assortment of BJJ Gis is carefully selected, and consists of high quality brands such as Tatami, Storm, Fuji, Hayabusa, Venum, Grips, and a lot more. In our selection of Jiu Jitsu Gis we aim to always offer the best quality suits.

In our specialized Brazilian Jiu Jitsu online store you can find BJJ Gis in different colors and models. Most of the BJJ Gis are available in sizes A1 until A4, and some even in A5. Have a look under the table 'Size Chart' (at the product page) in order to find the exact fit that matches your size of BJJ Gi.

How do you buy a BJJ Gi? First, you’ll have to find out what it is you are looking for. Are you planning on competing? Or are you just looking for a cool Gi to train with? When you compete it is important to know that certain colours are not allowed everywhere. For example, when competing at an IBJJF tournament, the only colours allowed are White, Black and Royal Blue. In the local tournaments it will matter less. The next thing you’ll need to know is, is in what weight class you are going to compete. If your weight is close to the highest possible weight in your weight class or even a little over and you still need to lose weight, I’d suggest to try a lightweight BJJ Gi. The Tatami The Tank Gi would not be a great choice to wear at a competition for example. On BJJ Fightgear you can buy lightweight Gis with a weight from 1,336 kilos to 1,682 kilos (size A2) from which de Gameness Air Gi is the lightest. Furthermore, you can buy cheap Gis on if you are looking for cheaper Gis, we sell Gis between 60 and 90 euros, perfect for if you are just starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Basically all our Gis high quality, but of course there is a difference in material and quality between low range Gis and the Gis above for example a 130 euros. So if you have any questions about the different Gis, you can always call or email our BJJ Fightgear costumer service or you could read our blog which includes articles about the different Tatami Gis, or Lightweight Gis but also consists of some other BJJ related articles. Something else you should know is that there are L-sizes, this means longer sleeves and longer pants for if you have for example long limbs but a more slender body, so, if your body would need an A2 but your arms and legs an A3, then the A2L size would be perfect for you. What do you need in BJJ training? Next to a BJJ suit, you will also need a Jiu Jitsu belt, we sell belts from all kinds of brands like Hyperfly belts, Tatami belts, Fuji belts… -also for kids- (!) and some more. For more information about the different belts and the differences in general between the brands, you should read the Ultimate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belt Guide, which is super useful.